Declare Your Love on the Blockchain Through Viola.AI’s REL-Registry

June 3, 2018


Love is declared with the heart and demonstrated through action but in today’s society a contract is required to legitimize the union. In a traditional marriage the marrying party must stand before a legal authority that explains the provisions of the contractual agreement and witness that both parties agree. Once the event is final, the contract is recorded as a binding agreement and used to grant all the benefits of a legal marriage.


This process seems relatively simple right?

Well let’s throw some real world complexities in there.


Let’s say you are interested in someone from a foreign country with untranslated documents and different legal hurdles inherent to their countries process. Perhaps you want more control over the terms of the union that both parties can agree to but, the location you are in has pre-specified requirements OR maybe you have a highly mobile lifestyle and can benefit from a portable verification of martial status.


Viola.AI provides a Blockchain based match making solution that is decentralized, immutable and accessible. Their multifaceted approach ensures:


  • Identity of all users are verified for authenticity

  • Relationship statuses are transparent

  • Advice is crafted uniquely for couples

  • Users are protected with a high level of assurance from scammers


Making Marriage Uncomplicated


It is easy to find someone attractive and agree to date, but society has made the marriage process complicated. Viola.AI’s Global Relationship Registry (REL-Registy) is a viable solution to represent marriages around the world. Leveraging the Ethereum Blockchain and recording a contractual agreement onto a platform that cannot be change (immutable), 100% verifiable, transparent, and permanently binding should meet government requirements. Viola.AI REL-Registry changes the way we will solidify marriage in the future.


As Blockchain technology becomes more mainstream and accepted, having known all its capabilities and potentials, Viola.AI’s REL-Regestry will pave the way to, "Changing the World, One Relationship at a Time". Places in the United States such as Nevada have already begun the process of making traditional marriage certificates available through the Blockchain which represents an amazing opportunity for Viola.AI.


The ability to reference this information is not only beneficial to obtain spousal benefits in unfavorable circumstances, but can be used to maintain the integrity of marriages by ensuring singles can reference relationship status and avoid engaging those in committed relationships while looking for love online.


As a unmarried couple moves forward in the stages of their relationship towards marriage they can profess a mutual understanding by updating their status.



Marriage on The Blockchain. Imagine This...


Imagine a few years from now when you can take the love of your life on a dream vacation and, in the most romantic setting, officially declare your marriage. Through Viola.AI your family and friends can witnesses the transactions from across the world based on access you granted them. Martial contracts no longer need to feel like a business deal in a government office with Viola.AI’s REL-Registry!


Check them out at:

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