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June 2, 2018





The start of Crypto currency was sparked by the desire to give PEOPLE control of the transfer of wealth that would not require a bank, government or any other intermediary to complete. After the stock market crash in 2008 it became apparent that the centralization of wealth left people susceptible to the rules created by the 1% and that fluctuation of value could be manipulated for strategic gains at the cost of the masses.



As the crypto space becomes saturated with large organization the voice of the PEOPLE will begin to fade and corporations will once again create rules, control wealth through manipulation and drive the narrative about crypto.







Dynamic Mix was created to maintain the integrity of the PEOPLE’s voice. With our grass root approach we work with ICOs and established projects to make sure content is created to address the things customer cares about. We aim to maintain the integrity of the vision that drove the decentralization movement to ensure that we steer in the direction that was envisioned by the weary citizens of yesterday to create a secure, accessible, and efficient economic system that empowers future generations.


We created a movement to add value to the communities you care about. We use our publications to inform, educate, and drive change where it is needed.







We can only be successful if you make US successful. “US”

is not defined by our organization, but by the

all encompassing “US”.







This is our motto. We count on you to SHARE, LIKE, TWEET, POST, SCREAM our content because we are YOUR voice! Everything we produce is driven by an assessed requirement from our crypto community.


All aspiring projects should understand that the crypto space is a market of the people and the community determines its success. We bridge the gap between high level business strategy to the lowest level customer interest.


We keep our hand on the pulse to make sure community anxieties stay low while excitement stays high. In our experience, projects who take their hands off the pulse return to a dead project that they had no idea was terminally ill.


The many projects we have engaged in, combined with each members unique occupational experience, gives us the ability to advise ICOs and provide comparative analysis between seemingly similar companies. We can identify the needle in the hay stack to create competitive advantage. We frequently establish new partnerships and experiences which we leverage to bring added value to our community and projects that seek our services.


Our strategy is to be flexible, fluid and dynamic in our engagement and presence. We aim to seamlessly blend into any social media community in an organic way to assess the content that should be produced to add value. We are aiming to build a large and productive community of people who can share ideas and insights for the good of the group. All trending ideas will result in a product that was created for the people, by the people.




Building A Better Investment Strategy
Leverage is the only way to maximize

your time and returns on investment. 



Successful people understand that leverage is the only way to maximize time and returns on investment. If you need proof, the next time your in rush hour traffic, take a look around; you won’t see any Lamborghinis or Bugattis.




Why you ask?


Because they have successfully leveraged the time and skill of others to grow their business, make decisions, and innovate so they can profit while sitting on a yacht somewhere off the coast of an exotic island.


So I am sure you are wondering how YOU can leverage your investment money along with the skills and interest of others through Dynamic Mix. Keep reading to understand how to transition from being an average investor to becoming a smart investor.




What is Investment Pooling?

Investment pooling is not a hot sunny day swimming with other investors because that would simply be weird. However, you do get to jump into a pile of cash with others interested in similar opportunities. This grants you a sort of wholesale purchasing power which means you get more value for your buck.


The world’s first investment club was allegedly established in Texas in 1898 back in the days of the Wild West when few investments could be considered safe. I think we can all relate with the current volatility of the crypto space. When investment clubs were established they were seen as an ideal way of spreading the risk. This concept is not new, but rather a proven strategy in the the wild wild west and in todays traditional stock market.


Most investment pools are closed groups that are by invitation only which provide a small group of investors the opportunity to consume large amounts of shares for an affordable price that is not available to the public. If a club is open to the public, a monthly fee is usually collected due to the investment advantages provided.


I have never quite understood why people horde opportunities, but luckily proven strategies are slowing porting over to the crypto space.



How we Conduct ICO Selection

  • An ICO is selected based on community interest and review of tokenomics.


  • The Dynamic Mix team negotiates the best possible deal on behalf of the community and provides relevant information to investors through Telegram or other social media forum.




Our Smart Contract



  • PrimaBlock is the vehicle used for the smart contract pool. This service supports Ethereum (ETH) standards ERC-20 and ERC-223 for contributions.


  • To maximize the security of your transactions this platform does not require you to provide any private key information from your wallet, but rather gives instructions on how to transfer funds into the pool.


  • Purchased tokens/coins can be set to auto distributed to investors without interaction from the pool manager.


  • Funds contributed can be withdrawn or adjusted prior to the execution of the contract which grants the investor FULL CONTROL of their investment.




Contract Execution


  • An Ethereum cap is set on each smart contract and contributions are accepted until this cap is reached.

  • Each contact will have a set fee and minimal contribution amount which is disclosed on the PrimaBlock web page prior to contribution.

  • A fee which is unnoticeably low, usually around 2.5% of ETH contribution, is deducted from the principle investment.


Although some may stop here and say, “hey, I don’t want to pay to invest!”

I would challenge you to appreciate the FACT that even with this fee you will receive

a significantly better return on investment as compared to an individual contribution.


  • When the cap is reached or the pool is closed the contract is locked and the token/coin purchase is executed.

  • The tokens/coins allocated to the smart contract is auto distributed to the investors at the rate that was negotiated by the pool manager.






Don’t miss the opportunity to have your voice heard and maximize your investment efforts!




Dynamic Mix will be the people’s voice!

Join our communities today!




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