Do You Have a Wealth Management Strategy?

June 2, 2018



In life we look at wealth in a number of ways. Wealth can expressed by what we have, be it our family, our happiness, our lifestyle and/or our personal assets. It can also be represented by how we are endowed such as our abilities, our qualifications or our financial assets. Continuing on from our previous article ‘Leaving Nothing Behind’ we look more closely at your Wealth Management strategy.






What is more important to you?









Let’s examine these one at a time.


HELPING AND PROTECTING YOUR FAMILY: If we have a family one of the things we do is support and care for one another. Some families are dysfunctional and manifest dynamics such as children that have been abused psychologically, emotionally or physically. In the absence of a healthy support system, a child may feel isolated and turn to external sources, possibly extended family or friends. Sometimes they find help with people in the same situation as themselves or with not-for -profits/charities that work with supporting those in need.


Age has little to do with acquiring wealth. Even kids as young as 12 are finding their way around the crypto world and are holding or trading assets and building a portfolio. It is highly unlikely that if they do not have a good family relationship, that they would share a lot of their personal financial situation with others, such as divulging private keys or where information is stored in case of their demise. Examine our article Leaving Nothing Behind where we discuss the issues confronting beneficiaries of assets.



PROTECTING AND ENJOYING YOUR LIFESTYLE: Everyone wants to enjoy a lifestyle. TV is one of the contributing factors that cause people to want the things that they feel everyone else has. Whether that be fabulous clothes, a fancy car, a big house, the latest gadget, exotic travel or more.


Traveling to Mexico many years ago as well as into Indigenous communities in Australia as a consultant, one of the things I have seen even in the poorest places are TV’s. With access to TV, the internet, and mobile phones, the global environment is fully showcased. If you are sitting in a slum or a makeshift hut…….


wouldn’t you want what everyone

else seems to have?


Who has ever watched ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” or ‘Millionaire Homes’ on TV? The world is their oyster, and these are the dreams that some people aspire to, but how to attain such wealth from a position of weakness.



There are so many opportunities today that are being opened up. Venture capital is being swept aside for Crowdfunding and ICO (Initial Coin Offerings). Anyone who seems to have an idea is taking a chance at being able to raise capital. This capital could change their world.


Requirements for capital raising have tightened up over the past 6 months. Consumers are now becoming more savvy and asking founders to not just show them a good idea but to provide them with more credibility and data. Too many people have been burnt with shoddy ideas that are going nowhere. Additionally you need to have a strong constitution to HODL (HOLD) as the Crypto market is very volatile.


Set yourself a goal and once you have reached it, then treat yourself. This is the lifestyle treat. This amount will vary between individuals as will what you treat yourself too.


I was recently talking to someone who said they made 30,000 profit over 3 months and was still holding assets. Their lifestyle treat was that they decided to go travelling overseas for 4 weeks. They came back refreshed from a fantastic holiday and looked forward to getting more wealth happening again.


ACHIEVING FINANCIAL COMFORT: What is financial comfort? Financial comfort to one, is not the same thing to another. Everyone has different standards or expectations to what they want to achieve. One thing we know for sure, if you want financial comfort then you need to plan for it, it doesn’t just happen.




It starts with a plan and a commitment


Don’t expect to go from zero to 30K overnight. Start by saving what you want to invest whether that be for crypto, shares or property. There is no easy answer as to what you should save as there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration.

  1. What sort of passive income do you want yearly to enjoy your lifestyle?

  2. Are you risk adverse or a risk taker? The swings in the market are volatile so what are you prepared to risk?

  3. Are you willing to sacrifice your current living standard to achieve your wealth goals?

  4. If retired are you living off your wealth or do you have assets that continuously produce?

  5. If just getting into investing to build your wealth, what goals have you set and how will you grow your portfolio.


PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: Who has heard the saying ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.



If you do, you may be disappointed with the outcome. DIVERSIFICATION is the key as if one asset goes down another may go up and things tend to pan out.


There are a range of assets out there and the saying goes look at diversifying in at least four. Let’s consider some of these.


Cash: Cash can be fiat or crypto and crypto is gaining traction. Global authorities are examining ways to regulate cryptocurrencies. According to Bob Mason writing in FXEmpire, 


to date, countries that have issued their own cryptocurrencies include Ecuador, China, Senegal, Singapore, Tunisia, though these countries will not be standing alone for long with Estonia, Japan, Palestine, Russia and Sweden looking to launch their own national cryptocurrencies. Some of these countries are likely to take it a step further and replace paper tender altogether with China being one nation that is looking to take one step beyond a virtual and paper version.


Cash allows you the opportunity to purchase assets so you need to have readily available cash on hand.


Stocks: Shares have been around for a long time and basically to put it into a nutshell represents an equity share or fractional ownership in a company. This can be within a variety of industries such as mining, gas, biotech, internet to name a few. A stock certificate specifies how many shares you have. Each country has its own stock exchange and you can trade across global stock exchanges. You can purchase and hold shares or you can trade shares if you know what you are doing.


Commodities: are seen as things of ‘value’. Your property- house or commercial real estate could be viewed as a commodity. Other commodities are broken into soft commodities such as those grown in agriculture or hard commodities such as those mined. Additionally you can also have energy commodities such as electricity, coal, oil and gas. Commodities can be purchased via shares but also ICO’s or owning a commodity’s business.


Bonds: According to Investopedia, bonds represent debt obligations. Governments and corporations commonly use bonds in order to borrow money. The issuer of a bond must pay the investor interest for the privilege of using his or her money.


BUILDING A LEGACY: Who has ever thought of what you want to leave behind for future generations and loved ones? This is certainly on my bucket list.


I know a family whose father had accumulated massive property interests in the UK then on his demise his son wanted to sell everything, to have the cash and decide how he would spend it. Unfortunately for him, his father had installed provisions for his legacy to continue with an external executor to his WILL. His dream was to ensure that money would continue to accumulate and the value of the properties would continue to rise for future generations to reap the benefits.


Who has ever read about a lotto winner who has received a massive cash payout to blow it all on a trips, fancy car and lavish lifestyle all because they never had a strategy to manage that amount of wealth. Maybe you have also heard of families that have left a legacy to have it completely obliterated by their next of kin because they didn’t have the skills or knowledge to manage the wealth.


Building a legacy is like playing with lego, one block at a time.





Its takes time to acquire, to diversify and to manage.

After reading this article, please sit down, get out some paper or your laptop because it’s….














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All information contained in this article is for general informational use only and should not be relied upon by you in making any investment decision. Before making any investment choice you should always consult a fully qualified financial and /or investment advisor.



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